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Blue Rounded Corner

  • Limit 3 bags or boxes per person (No Large Boxes)
  • We will also shred PC hard drives and will accept computers, laptops and flat screen monitors
  • Bring unused and unwanted medications for proper disposal (If possible bring meds in the original container. Simply cross out personal information)

Saturday, October 30th 2021
At: Metro Tab. Church, 2101 W. Shepherd Rd
9a.m. to Noon (or until the trucks are full)

Contact Better Business Bureau for questions. 423-266-6144

An Introduction to Recycling
What is Recycling and Why Should I Do It?
Recycling means separating, collecting, processing, marketing and ultimately using a material that would have been thrown away. This morning's newspaper can be recycled for another morning's news or other paper products.
  • Recycling reduces our dependence on landfills and incinerators.
  • Recycling protects our health and environment.
  • Recycling conserves our natural resources
What You Can Recycle
-- Newspaper, office paper, other paper types
-- Bottles and jars (clear, green and brown) but PLEASE remove the lids
Aluminum & Steel Cans
-- Beverage and food containers
Other Metals
Used Motor Oil
-- Car crank case oil
-- Soda bottles, milk jugs, etc. (just about any plastic with a neck)
Small Rechargeable Batteries and Electronics
-- Computers and computer components only; rechargeable batteries only. For more information, call the Recycling office at 423-209-6480
-- recycled at Tire Center only
What You Can Do
Reduce the amount of garbage you generate by purchasing and using products wisely.
Reuse products whenever possible.
Recycle all materials possible.
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