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How to Sort, Separate And Prepare Your Recyclables
  • Newspapers
    Newspapers can be easily stored and carried in brown grocery bags. You can bundle and tie them with string.
  • Mixed Paper
    Office paper, magazines, phone books, any kind of dry paper that has not been contaminated with food is acceptable. Only shredded paper may be kept in plastic bags when put in the mixed paper bin. No feedbags of any kind.
  • Plastic
    No plastic bags or packing material of any kind. No polystyrene (Styrofoam).

    Please rinse containers and replace caps on containers.
  • Glass
    Brown, green and clear glass bottles and Jars are accepted. Please separate the colors and rinse.

    Please place lids and the caps in the Steel Container. Items not accepted include window glass, dishes, glasses, light bulbs, etc.
  • Steel (aka Miscellaneous Shred)
    Household metal items accepted include cans, pots and pans, silverware, shelving, bed frames, clothes hangers and items made with cast iron.
  • Aluminum (Only drink cans are accepted)
    Household aluminum items accepted including cans, foil, guttering, sheeting, and siding. Can go in with the steel.
  • Tires
    Clean and no rims: $1 passenger tires; $4 Truck tires.
    Make appointment first 423-602-TIRE (8473)
    Tire Dealers and Haulers click here for the VENDOR/HAULER/DESIGNATION form (HC1707)
  • Tip:
    Please put your Recyclables in Boxes, Bags, or Buckets. It saves you time at the recycling center if your materials are separated before you leave home.


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